Check out our Event Sizes and Widgets.  

PERQ has a variety of mail sizes and widgets sure to catch your consumer's eye and bring traffic to your showroom. From the Jumbo 15x22 to the sleek Flap Fold, there's a lot to choose from.


Add a widget from our selection below to really entice customers into your showroom. 

Built-in Pull Tab
11x17 Half Fold
15x22 Oversize
Oversize Postcard
Roll Fold
 8.5x11 Oversize Half Fold Letter Invitation
Flap Mailer
8 Page Mag


What makes our mail stand out in mailboxes and jump out from the pile? Our widget technology.


Widgets are interactive, 3D game pieces that give mail a certain look, feel, and heft that invite consumers to play a game and interact with the mailer. They incentivize consumers to come into your dealership. 

Snappers Pull Tab

Open the tabs to see if you have matching symbols - 9 chances to win!


Grabs attention and gives the piece weight so it stands out in the mail.

Lotto Ticket

See if your ticket is a winner by matching the numbers to those on the mailer and/or scratch-off!

Code Kase or Combo Box

Pull the tab to light up the numbers on the screen and see if your code matches that of the scratch off!

Limited Edition Poker Chip

Available for a limited time only, lift the chip to reveal your number- if it matches the scratch-off-number, you're a winner!

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